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Here's lookin' at you

Here's lookin' at you

I'm sure you know how it is. When you've lived in one place for a long time and decide to move, you discover all kinds of things. There's the useless stuff you stashed away in a box somewhere and forgot about the last time you moved and you rediscover other things you wish you hadn't forgotten about. You realize how unorganized some things have become as you've accumulated more and more new things – time to clean house and get rid of the trash before you move so your new digs will be more clutter-free.

After some 15 years on the web and being on the same server most of that time, I'm in the process of moving my pile of webthings to a new, improved home and it's all been a little like what's described above. Thankfully, digital things are a lot easier to deal with – a number of the webthings are already in their new home. And I'm happy to have found that picture, among many other things I completely forgot about...

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