“If we wait, we might get to see him.”

“Do you really think so? He may not want to see us.”

The waiting game’s not easy, but he had done it his whole life and now it was his time for payback. The fool followed fame as he pretended to be something bigger than life (as he waited to actually be bigger than life). After pretending he had arrived for so long, he actually convinced himself that he had arrived.

“Do you think he’ll recognize us?”

She had a strange look in her eyes as she asked the question. She remembered how he treated her before she left. She wondered why she was interested in him at all.

“Hey, baby! Long time.”

“Not long enough.”

The two women turned away and walked towards the hotel.

“I told you!”

“I know, Mother.”

From the old simply.personal, circa 2000.

After recently finishing with upgrading i.webthings, the dailywebthing linkport, and daily pointers, my focus has turned back to my personal blogs and several new projects.

I’ve been enjoying my brand new tiddlywiki and working on wiki.jenett.org, an older project that refuses to die (and which may become integrated with this blog and the tiddlywiki soon).

I do this stuff for fun and yes, I have been having fun. Thanks for reading.

(revised 03/13/19)

So this lady’s at our house a few weeks before Christmas and we’re talking. The conversation turns to her partner needing some rare medication that’s easier to get in Mexico. “We’re not sure about going to Mexico,” she says. “Okay, I know it’s a Trump thing and all but those caravan people are there.” Whoa!

Apparently those people aren’t really people. They’re like monsters getting ready to invade our country and rape our children. That’s the crap Donald’s been feeding people and millions are eating it up. Our country’s in a bit of a mess right now. I regret I was speechless at the time.

Saying more about that now just adds to the noise, so let’s move on. My mind swirled a bit when I first read this at Anne’s place and I’m still thinkin’ about it:

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

– Terry Pratchett

From Colorado to Delaware to Florida to Illinois to Michigan. All the stops in one’s journey define who they are and going back to where one started is just a visit to another new, though familiar place.

Some stops in the journey border on unbearable but a new world is always just around the corner and when we’re lucky, it’s a better place.