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Who-o-o-o-o-o cares?


I remember chuckling when I saw the tagline at groupmeh a few months back – "a revolutionary, game-changing social network for the tragically apathetic" – didn't really look further at the time but saved the link (as I usually do when something strange gets my attention). Anyway, I visited the link again early this morning and noticed that nothing had really changed. My guess was that I would have to press the "Sign Up" button if I wanted to see more than its landing page.


So, I do and the form below appears on the page. Within a few seconds, I'm laughing loudly and MoJo is looking at me like I'm totally nuts or something (he's a very observant kitty). I think to myself that I'm not "really desperate" enough to go any further. I'm also wondering if people are actually filling in this thing and giving reasons for wanting to join. I'm asking myself, "How many really desperate people are out there?" and decide to google it. That's right, it's a verb, dammit!


What I found is not only a background article but also, the prize: all those submitted reasons. What a delightful morning this has been!

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