Replied to The IndieWeb Needs To… Hide! by  Kicks Condor Kicks Condor

I’m not in a rush for the IndieWeb to grow. It might be perfect like this.

Something I’ve heard said about meetings, in my mind, can be said about the mainstream too – it’s where great ideas go to die. I don’t wanna go mainstream, thank you.

Here outside the mainstream, there’s stronger currents running, pulling us into something special, something rare – something we kinda remember and feels like home. Shhh people, keep it down and enjoy it…

When you’re in it, you know. Thoughts flow. Words flow. When you’re in the groove, anything can happen. But sometimes, it’s a struggle to find the groove. The groove lacks on-demand functionality, at least for some of us.

Roughly 40 years ago, Kim and I would head to downtown Miami early in the morning, where I’d drop her off at work before heading to my own job in a nearby suburb. A guy who apparently lived under an overpass on the route was out there every morning energetically smiling and waving to passersby. He seemed so happy. And we were always happy to see him. At this point in my life, I realize I learned a few things from that friendly stranger.