Anything exciting to write about?

How ’bout the fact that I’m here to write this – another chance to capture ideas – my days are numbered. Your’s are too. There’s nothing more clichΓ© than that’s life.

So. Need to carry on and make the best of my time.

I’m tickled you’re here reading this. I may not know you nor get feedback but that’s okay. I still have a chance to touch you in some way with what I share – what could be better than that!

I’ve been spending time gathering ideas in the garden (of sorts) – check it out and yeah, thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “in the mundane

  1. Numbered? Numbered? What is this now?

    I’ll tell you. One of us is a giant ass mired selfishly in its own pain, mourning an impossible, frightening world they no longer understand. And that ain’t you.

    How can I help? Book? Game? Taps for your shoes? Whistle Dixie? (Actually, that latter might not be considered politically correct. But then neither is our republican senate.) Be a better friend?

    • There’s nothing you could do to be a better friend Anne – you’re the bestest already (look, I made a new word). Not to worry, there’s no imminent danger or anything like that. I’m just sharing something I learned from David Bowie – it’s never too late to accomplish something great while you’re still alive and kicking (until it’s too late, of course). Thanks for being here kiddo. 😎

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