He’s an embarrassing disaster when it comes to the world stage and virtually every word he utters in public is manipulative, fabricated bullshit designed to agitate his base. You and I (and probably the majority of Americans) don’t even exist in his world and he makes a mere political animal seem like a teddy bear.

But I ain’t naming names ’cause frankly, I don’t have to.

invisible thoughts
finally shouted out loud
though yet to be heard

I shouted out what I’ve been struggling with and expressed some things I’ve been holding in forever. In a moment of clarity, I then realized I was in a forest alone. That said, I’m working on ways (and the will) to let you in on some heretofore invisible thoughts

Something I’ve heard said about meetings, in my mind, can be said about the mainstream too – it’s where great ideas go to die. I don’t wanna go mainstream, thank you.

Here outside the mainstream, there’s stronger currents running, pulling us into something special, something rare – something we kinda remember and feels like home. Shhh people, keep it down and enjoy it…