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I’m never really sure about which microformats I should be using or where I should or shouldn’t be using them. I don’t even know if there’s any comprehensive documentation about this sort of thing...

In the case of a ‘like’ on my blog (using indieweb plugins), the section containing the link I like has the classes ‘response’, ‘u-like-of’ and ‘h-cite’ and the link (<a ) has a ‘p-name’ class and a ‘u-url’ class defined which pertain to the link’s title and url respectively. The author’s name has classes ‘h-card’ and ‘p-author’ and the publication title class is ‘p-publication.’. Hope that helps.

Thanks for leading me to This day’s portion. 😎

Anything exciting to write about?

How ’bout the fact that I’m here to write this – another chance to capture ideas – my days are numbered. Your’s are too. There’s nothing more cliché than that’s life.

So. Need to carry on and make the best of my time.

I’m tickled you’re here reading this. I may not know you nor get feedback but that’s okay. I still have a chance to touch you in some way with what I share – what could be better than that!

I’ve been spending time gathering ideas in the garden (of sorts) – check it out and yeah, thanks for stopping by.

A project I launched in 2001 has always been special to me. There were 21 other creative contributors – I accepted new content submissions through the end of 2002. The site’s been sitting there since. The original site used Flash and presented content in popup windows, both of which were reasons for my not linking to it in more recent years.

The good news is I just completed the first step of resigning it. No more Flash or popups – just the same content in a better place. I invite you to explore the new version of intersect – hope you like it. 😎

A few days ago, Kim and I were having that first cup of coffee enjoying some typical bantering that 4:30am brings. We’re a little strange like that.

I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about but I said, “Hey Siri, tell Kim to go back to China.” It’s an inside joke I won’t bore you with. We understand it.

Anyway, Siri asked me to confirm and I did without really listening to what she said. My bad. She sent a message to a guy named Ken I know whose last name sounds a little like “back to.” It read, “Vagina.”

The rest is history. Thanks Siri!

Every American who voted in the recent election is a patriot. Whether by mail or in person and regardless of their choices, Americans participated in the process in numbers larger than I can remember. With so many people participating, the winner is the winner in my book. The “American People” have spoken.

In his first term, our so-called President has demonstrated poor leadership skills… in horrifying detail. He insists he’s the winner based on that narrative he concocted months before the election. He knew he was going to lose! The story goes something like this – everyone who votes against him is an evil Democrat out to get him. They all came up with mail-in voting scheme as a way to “steal the election.” Okay. Fine. Whatever. But there’s no evidence of fraud and you don’t get to suppress their votes.

Move aside Bozo, there’s a real leader in the wings. Concede, wish him well and cooperate with an orderly transition. That way, you won’t go down in history as the biggest Dick to ever inhabit the White House. For once in your life, do the right thing. Thank you.